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Secretary:             Mirescu Vasile

Birth date:             11.10.1951

Birth place:            Ususau

Address:                Ususau

Marital status:        married

Nationality:            Romanian

Studies:                 High school...

                           “Vasile Goldis” University –

                             Law school



Each village, town or administrative and territorial subdivision of the municipalities has a secretary paid out of the local budget. The secretary of the village, town an administrative and territorial subdivision of the municipalities is a town officer that has a degree in law and administration.

·        The secretary cannot be member of a political party, otherwise he will be unemployed.

·        The secretary cannot be husband, wife, or first degree relative with the mayor, vice mayor, otherwise he will be unemployed.

·        The secretary has a job stability, according to law.

·        The secretary must fulfill, according to law, these requests:

    • Approves the mayor’s provisions and the resolutions of the town council.
    • He must always attend the meetings of local council.
    • He ensures the administrative procedures concerning the connection between the local council and the mayor, as well as between the former and the latter and the prefect.
    • He organizes the archive and the statistics of the resolutions of the local council and the mayor’s provisions.
    • He ensures the transparency and communication to the authorities, public institutions and people who are interested, of the documents according to Law 544/2001 concerning free access to information of public interest.
    • He ensures the procedures by which the local council is to be summoned and the fulfillment of secretarial works, he communicates the order of the day, he writes reports about the meetings of the local council, and he draws up the resolutions of the latter.
    • He prepares the works that are to be debated by the local council and by its committees.
    • He makes the public aware of the normative resolutions and of the provisions. 
    • He approves excerpts or copies of any document from the archive of the local council, except for those that are confidential, according to law.
    • He legalizes the signatures on the documents presented by each party, and he confirms the authenticity of copies made after the original documents, according to law.